Why Pageants?

Twentieth-century pageants were vibrant and colourful representations of popular culture. Hundreds of pageants – many involving thousands of participants – took place all over Britain in the first half of the twentieth century. The rich combination of story, history, and legend attracted incredible national attention, but today, the pageant genre remains an understudied topic of scholarship. 20thCentPageants seeks to encourage new, diverse scholarship into this interdisciplinary art form through conferences, concerts, and publications.

2019 St Andrews Conference

Watch this space for updates on our 17 June conference, held at the University of St Andrews. In the meantime, take a look at the Call for Papers to submit an abstract.

The conference organisers are pleased to welcome Professor Paul Readman (King’s College London) and Dr Angela Bartie (University of Edinburgh) as panellists and speakers for the conference. Both are researchers for the pageant database The Redress of the Past.

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